Insurance Schemes

We identify and design the insurance scheme to match our clients' requirements. From placement with a top rated Insurer and competitive pricing right through to the payment of claims. In conjunction with our clients we embed the scheme into their point of sale be it through retail outlet, website, extranet or similar. The following are some of the products that we have developed for our clients

loveit coverit Say Hello to Our New Mobile Phone and Tablet Insurance Company

Here at Pier Insurance, we have been excitedly anticipating the launch of our new insurance service. After much careful consideration, planning and preparation, we are now pleased to introduce the final product – loveit coverit.

As insurance professionals, the team at Pier realised the need for a mobile phone and tablet insurance company that is quick, simple and nonsense-free. As experts in insurance, we know that policies are complex at the best of times. However, loveit coverit is a new device insurance company that is simply tailored to your lifestyle. Nothing more, nothing less.

Our history in the mobile phone market means we truly understand how integral your handset and tablet are to your day to day life. As technologies continue to evolve, we know that your gadgets will continue to have increasing significance in the way your work, live and connect. That’s why we believe that affordable and customisable insurance is so important. If you can’t live without your mobile phone and tablet, you need cover that will suit you down to the ground.

Pier wanted to make insurance easy, which is why we created the three step quote process at loveit coverit. Tech lovers can simply select their make, model and get their quote. With a policy that is always clear and jargon-free, mobile phone and tablet owners can rest assured that their favourite technology is covered to suit all of their needs and specifications.

Pier believe that insurance shouldn’t have to be overly-complicated. Our loveit coverit division simplifies the process for smartphone and tablet owners who really love their devices. Say goodbye to confusing and complex policies that don’t offer the cover you really need. Visit loveit coverit today and get first class mobile phone or tablet insurance in minutes!

Electrical Cover Insurance Scheme Consumer options for extended warranties for all types of electrical goods.

Consumers now come to expect the option to purchase an extended warranty when buying all types of electrical goods from large electrical multiple retailers.

Until now however these extended warranties have been restricted to three or five year fixed terms with a significant upfront cost, making them notoriously difficult to sell to customers.

In answer to this, Pier Insurance has developed a solution for independent and web based retailers with an extensive range of low cost monthly and annual flexible warranties called Electrical Cover.

Warranties can be purchased on a monthly or an annual basis with no minimum commitment and with flexible free periods, offering every independent retailer the perfect opportunity to maximise revenue from every customer sale. All warranties provide comprehensive cover for the customer’s goods, including accidental damage and breakdown. Some schemes also include Theft coverage as well. Contact us for more info

Gadget Cover Insurance Scheme Portable electronic insurance for laptops, pda’s, digital cameras, ipods and gaming consoles.

The phenomenal growth in sales of laptops, digital cameras, MP3/MP4 players, iPods and portable gaming consoles has created a wealth of opportunities for retailers to maximise revenues from increased product sales and from the sale of specialist add-on insurance polices.

As highly desirable and high value consumer items, the need to insure them is clear. By providing a low cost and low excess insurance solution to your customers directly at the point of sale, you the retailer can give them the reassurance of comprehensive cover whilst maximising your own revenue growth opportunities.

Our Gadget Cover insurance policies are designed to offer full cover against theft, accidental damage, liquid damage, worldwide travel and breakdown. The low cost of these policies plus the ability to add a flexible free period makes for a perfect add-on sales opportunity for all retailers, providing customers with a perfect all in one insurance solution the minute they leave the store. Contact us for more info

Mobile Phone Cover Insurance Scheme A range of low premium insurance policies for the mobile phone sector.

Pier's flagship brand Fonesure is dedicated to offering a range of low premium insurance policies to the mobile phone sector with flexible free periods.

“Mobile phones changed society, not just communication” – Guardian newspaper 1.1.10

There are more mobile phones than people in the UK and on average every adult now possesses two mobile phones.

Research has found that mobile phones are becoming essential to the management of our work, private and emotional lives. Nearly one in five respondents to a Post Office survey claimed that not being contactable by mobile phone is more stressful than moving house or breaking up with a loved one.

Half of all street crimes involve a mobile phone. Over 1,3000,000 handsets are stolen every year. Replacing a handset can easily cost £250+ depending on brand and technology

Over 5,000,0000 mobile phone repairs carried out every year. A colour screen alone can cost £200 and approx £100 for a mono one. Liquid damage can be irreparable in many instances

In a very short space of time mobile phones have become an essential part of our lifestyle. Our Mobile insurance product reacts to this by providing comprehensive cover for theft, accidental damage and liquid damage.
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Clarity Cover Insurance Scheme Eyewear focused insurance products to the optical sector.

Can you imagine being without your glasses? Due to the very high cost of glasses and sunglasses this product was developed for opticians and sunglasses retailers.

Most of us at some point accidently lose our glasses. Or more frequently a screw drops out and our lenses fall – resulting in scratched or lost lenses. Most of us then need to buy a replacement pair. Eyewear isn’t cheap so claiming on household insurance is an option but generally there is a large excess and in most cases this will be higher than under this insurance. Also it is possible that following a claim your renewal premium will be increased.

Clarity Cover is an inexpensive, one off annual premium with a low excess and coverage against loss, theft and accidental damage world wide.

Coverage extends to lenses and frames with multiple claims allowed in any one year. Together with a no quibble repair or replacement this product becomes very attractive. Contact us for more info